Environmental & Quality

As a company, we care about the environment, and have therefore introduced our own environmental management system, following the model of ISO 14001.

From the 1st of July 2001 and 13th of August 2005 new Swedish and European regulations concerning producer responsibilities for disposal of discarded electrical household appliances etc. The so called WEEE-directive (The “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment” directive). We have decided to honor these demands by joining the system El-Kretsen. We pay an environmental fee to El-Kretsen that vi charge our customers. The fee is for now 3 kr for optical and 25 kr for ionizing smoke alarms (tax excluded). The fee shall cover the cost for future recycling of the sold smoke alarm and also cover the cost of historical waste. We also pay a environmental fee for batteries that are included in our smoke alarms.
When it comes to package recycling we are of coure connected to the Förpacknings- och Tidningsinsamlingen (ftiab.se).

Since we work with safety products that shall save lives and property, we have always considered quality and safety of the highest priority.  Our goal has always been to offer as good smoke alarms as possible, that reaches the demands that our different customers needs demands. Therefore all of our products are tested and approved according to one or more international test standards and of course meets the Swedish Konsumentverket’s rules for safety and function. 
We developed our first quality system in the early 1980s, and back in 1988 we introduced ISO 9002, accredited by British Standard, in our factories. Because we know that our customers expect zero errors from our products, and therefore our quality goals have always been to have zero errors. Each products is from the beginning constructed to minimize the risk of errors. but there is also a computerized control of every individual product, in different steps of the manufacturing, beyond the 100% production control before packing. 

The components in a smoke alarm determines the quality and life expectancy. A smoke alarm’s life expectancies is estimated to over 10 years, we recommend that one change its smoke alarm after 10 years to ensure its working as intended.

– From a environmental perspective it is important with a long life expectancy for the smoke alarms, and they should also be constructed to be easily recycled. See further under environment section! 

The Deltronic Code of Conduct is based on the ILO conventions as well as the human rights of the UN, and forms a part of the terms of references for our suppliers. Our Code of Conduct defines the minimum requirements, that we demand of our suppliers and subsuppliers with regard to social and environmental standards. Deltronic makes a number of clear demands on the suppliers, that are selected as partners. It is an essential requirement, that all our suppliers sign these demands and are thus responsible for their subsuppliers to also meet the defined demands.

By demanding that these requirements are met, we want to ensure that the products are being manufactured under fair working conditions. As an example there needs to be optimal safety standards to protect the working environment. At the same time, we continue to place higher environmental demands on our suppliers.

The following demands are made on the factories in China and on their subsuppliers:

· No forced labour or child labour is allowed

· Employees have Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize

· Fair salaries

· Reasonable hours of work

· Good working conditions

· All environmental requirements must be met

· All EU standards and requirements for certification are complied with in regard to production purposes

· Ongoing development of environmental improvements as well as reduction in CO2 emissions

· Regular employee health checks

· Continued staff training to ensure daily safety of work

· Good facilities to maintain cleanliness

· Compliance with international copyright rules

· No prisoners amongst the work force

· No use of any type of physical or psychological punishment

· Detailed and integrated safety procedures in case of accidents

As a minimum requirement the above-mentioned rules need to meet the local regulatory demands as well as the human rights’ convention. Regular audits take place at the factories in China to ensure that they continue to comply with the requirements.

Deltronic places demands on the suppliers, selected as partners.

Furthermore, we are currently working on placing higher environmental demands on our subsuppliers.

Employment is voluntary

No forced labour, including slavery or slave labour, is allowed (ILO conventions 29 and 105). Employers are not allowed to require workers to make ’deposits’ or hand in ID papers

No discrimination in employment

The workers are to be treated equally and are to be granted equal status with regard to opportunities

irrespective of race, skin colour, gender, religion, political views, nationality, social heritage, or other personal characterics (ILO conventions 100 and 111).

No child labour

Child labour is illegal. Workers employed need to be at least 15 years of age or older than than the compulsory school age (ILO convention 138).

Freedom of Association and Protection of Right to Organize

It needs to be respected that all workers are entitled to form and join trade unions and conduct collective bargaining (ILO conventions 87 and 98). The representatives of the workers cannot be discriminated against and need to be granted access to all work areas, if this is required for them to perform their representative functions (ILO conventions 135 and ILO recommendation 143).

Fair salaries

Salaries and bonuses for a regular working week need to at least comply with the legislative or industrial minimum wages, and they should always be sufficient to ensure that the workers and their families’ basic needs are met, and they need an additional amount at their disposal. Payroll deductions based on disciplinary measures are not allowed, nor can deductions be made that are not based on a country’s legislation without the expressed consent of the worker concerned

Reasonable hours of work

The hours of work need to be in accordance with the current legislation and industrial standards.Under no circumstances are the workers allowed to work more than 48 hours a week, they are however entitled to one weekly day off. Overtime work is voluntary and must not exceed 12 hours and should always be remunerated according to overtime rates.

Good working conditions

The working environment is to be safe and hygienic, and the optimal health and safety measures need to be observed based on current knowledge about the industry and specific risks. Physical abuse, including threats of physical abuse, unusual punishment, disciplinary measures, sexual or other form of harrassment and intimidation on the part of the employer are strictly prohibited.

Establishment of terms of employment

The rights of the workers according to the labour and social laws and regulations that concern fixed terms of employment cannot be circumvented by contractor agreements, where the sole purpose is to ensure labour or apprentice agreements not aimed at imparting skills and making permanent employment possible.

The environment

All environmental requirements defined by the legislation of the country concerned need to be met, and all EU standards need to be complied with as a minimum with regard to production purposes.

Responsibility in relation to employees and subsuppliers

The company takes responsibility for complying with the codex in relation to all workers and other employees.

The company also needs to guarantee that all its subsuppliers meet the demands outlined in the existing agreement.

Inspection / deliberate violation

Deltronic is entitled to pay a visit to factories/partners at any time in order to inspect that the above-mentioned written conditions have been met.

By a deliberate violation, Deltronic has the following options:

a) To cancel current orders immediately without compensation of any form

b) To submit a compensation claim in relation to the loss incurred to the customers of Deltronic